Thursday, March 26, 2009

World Cultures Day

Michelle and Tammy are planning a Geography Fair for Tuesday, April 28th.

Each family will do a display on a country of their choice. We will sign up for countries to avoid duplication. If you’d like to get started, you can email Mary the country of your choice and I’ll sign you up. Or you can wait until the March 31st co-op where we’ll have a sign-up sheet. The following countries have already been chosen: Russia, Egypt, China, Italy, Japan, Israel, India, Mexico, Germany, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Paraguay, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Guatemala, Uganda, and Iraq.

The displays will be set up in the World Cultures classroom and possibly down the upstairs hallway. Each child will share his or her family’s project during the World Cultures Class. Middle School ages will do their presentations during their 2nd class period (there will be no Science that day).

Your project should include a display board or poster with information about your country. You can include any or all of the following ideas or add your own ideas! Have fun with it! This is NOT a competition, just a day of FUN!

Things that could be included:

  • description/map location
  • items like money or clothing
  • FOOD
  • music
  • industry
  • climate
  • language
  • native animals
  • landmarks
  • what the country is famous or infamous for
  • crafts/artwork
  • video
  • photos
  • souvenirs
  • costumes (the kids can wear these during their presentations)
  • a stamp or stickers representing the country - Each child will have a passport to be stamped as they visit each country.

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