Monday, March 30, 2009

Safety Town Field Trip

Safety Town is run by the Huntington Police Department. It is designed to teach 2nd grade students about emergency calls and traffic and pedestrian safety. Because it is designed for 2nd graders, we need to limit sign ups to 7-8-9 year olds. Older kids will be too big drive the cars. Younger kids may not have the attention span for the classroom portion. This is the police department's stipulation! They've also asked that we limit the number of students to 20 and the number of adults to three. Because of this, you may need to send your child with another family or plan to drop-off/pick-up.

Our trip to Safety Town is scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th. We'll be there from 9am until 1pm. The morning will be spent in the classroom. After lunch, the kids will spend about an hour in the miniature town driving and practicing pedestrian safety. The cost is $1 per student. Everyone should bring a packed lunch.

We will have a sign-up sheet at co-op on Tuesday, March 31st.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

World Cultures Day

Michelle and Tammy are planning a Geography Fair for Tuesday, April 28th.

Each family will do a display on a country of their choice. We will sign up for countries to avoid duplication. If you’d like to get started, you can email Mary the country of your choice and I’ll sign you up. Or you can wait until the March 31st co-op where we’ll have a sign-up sheet. The following countries have already been chosen: Russia, Egypt, China, Italy, Japan, Israel, India, Mexico, Germany, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Paraguay, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Guatemala, Uganda, and Iraq.

The displays will be set up in the World Cultures classroom and possibly down the upstairs hallway. Each child will share his or her family’s project during the World Cultures Class. Middle School ages will do their presentations during their 2nd class period (there will be no Science that day).

Your project should include a display board or poster with information about your country. You can include any or all of the following ideas or add your own ideas! Have fun with it! This is NOT a competition, just a day of FUN!

Things that could be included:

  • description/map location
  • items like money or clothing
  • FOOD
  • music
  • industry
  • climate
  • language
  • native animals
  • landmarks
  • what the country is famous or infamous for
  • crafts/artwork
  • video
  • photos
  • souvenirs
  • costumes (the kids can wear these during their presentations)
  • a stamp or stickers representing the country - Each child will have a passport to be stamped as they visit each country.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Great Sunflower Project

Be a Citizen Scientist

The Great Sunflower Project has given local homeschoolers a chance to help scientists at San Francisco State University understand and protect pollinator (BEES) populations. They need to know more about bee activity and that’s where our work is helpful.

What do you need to do?

Plant the provided sunflower seeds. They've already sent me 25 packets of seeds to be used by our co-op. I will give them out to anyone interested in counting bees.

After your sunflowers have grown, you’ll collect data twice a month. Collecting data is just sitting outside for 30 minutes counting the bees that visit your sunflowers. You’ll give your best guess at what type of bee you see and record the temperature. I have data sheets to document your findings.

When you finish your 30 minute scientist stint, you’ll simply mail in your data sheet or enter the data on-line.

You’ll be helping bees and learning a little about bees, flowers, and the scientific process!

Please email Mary if you’re interested and I’ll bring the seeds and data sheets to co-op on March 31st.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ACCHE T-Shirts

If your kids are outgrowing the tshirts we made last year, we have a great opportunity to get some new shirts. can print t-shirts for only $5.95 each. There will be a picture and Bible verse (2Chronicles 7:14) on the front and our group name on the back.

We need to place the order by April 9th. Therefore, we will only be taking orders at the next co-op on March 31st! You'll need to have your order ready and money in hand on March 31st! You can write a check to me (Mary Black) and I'll place the order on-line. Please plan to add a few cents to each shirt you order in order to cover postage. Shipping cost will depend on the number of shirts ordered so I can't give you an exact amount now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Next Faculty Lounge

Moms don't forget this coming Friday, the 20th, is The Faculty Lounge. It is a time for moms to get out of the house without the kids to spend time with other homeschool moms. All homeschool moms are welcome. This month the theme is Mexican. Our hostess is Mary. Contact her for details or to sign up for food! Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ice Skating

This Thursday, March 12, we'll be ice skating at South Charleston Memorial Ice Arena from 11am until 1pm. The cost is $5 per skater. Please let Pam know if you're coming or if you signed up and won't be coming.

All homeschoolers are welcome!

Okay, I'm here!

I finally found a few minutes to get signed up, without interruption. Don't ask me how that happened. It must have been a fluke. As soon as I figure out how to add pictures, I will. I have a few good ones, but none of Mary, yet. . .