Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ACCHE Discipline Policy

With the high Christian standards of discipline set by our current families, we do not anticipate any disciplinary problems from the students involved in the Co-op. However, even children who know the standard sometimes like to push the boundaries to make sure they are still in place. So that we may assure them that the boundaries are, in fact, in place, we are setting forth this policy.
  • Our program does not have a set of rules so rigid that we have a penalty that applies to each offense. However, just as “co-op” applies to the parents and their responsibility to the group to share in the duties, we want our children to understand that “co-op” applies to them also. Their responsibilities are to be attentive to the instruction they receive, considerate of their classmates, and respectful of the church and its property.
  • It is not our desire to be harsh, but we want to ensure an environment that is conducive to academic growth for all the students. We recognize that our co-op exists on the good will of all of the families who participate, and it is only fair that no one student be allowed to create an atmosphere that detracts from our children’s ability to learn and form lasting friendships. It is for this reason that the leadership retains the right to take any reasonable disciplinary action to maintain a warm and friendly environment.
  • When a student is disruptive in class, he will be sent to the gym to the administration table and monitored by an available parent. When his own parent is available, he will be advised of the child’s offense. The child will be able to return to his class that day at the teacher’s discretion. If the offense occurs repeatedly, the parent may be asked to meet with the ACCHE Leader Team. The leader team has the authority to recommend that the student be expelled form the co-op. If the child is asked to leave, the remaining portion of his fees will be returned. It should be noted that only the most severe offenses should result in expulsion.
  • Any dispute arising from discipline issues or this discipline policy will be referred to the ACCHE Guidance Committee. The decision of the ACCHE Guidance Committee is final. The parties understand that this method shall be the sole remedy for any controversy or claim arising from this agreement and expressly waive their right to file a lawsuit in any civil court for such disputes.

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