Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Festival Field Trip

All homeschoolers are welcome to join us for fun at The Pumpkin Festival. Admission is $2 per person. Our group will meet outside the back (only) gate at 9:00am on Thursday, October 7th. Give yourself plenty of travel time! It will take longer than you think to get through the parking lot. We will not wait for latecomers but you will be able to enter and get the $2 student/group rate if you tell them you are with ACCHE.

We will try to grab a spot on the hill to the left after entering the gate, the same place we claimed last year. You can leave your blankets/coolers there for the day (at your own risk but we’ve never had a problem). Preschoolers and elementary students can work on decorating their pumpkins at this spot (rules below). Please RSVP ( or sign up at ACCHE on Tuesday! I have to call in a number so they will have enough pumpkins for our little ones.

They will have many of the activities that they’ve had in the past such as:

The Mountain Men Encampment
Story Telling
Many Old Time Crafts
Lions Club will sponsor an eye clinic - parent must be present or send a signed permission slip
Pumpkin Decorating for ages preschool thru 5th grade

Remember the rules:
No commercial decorations, only those that the children
think up.
Be sure to bring all materials and adhesive for
Bring something to sit on; the ground will be
damp from dew.
Pumpkins must be finished by 11:00am for judging.
Label the back of your pumpkin with your name, grade, and group (ACCHE)
Only decorated pumpkins can be taken off the grounds

Food Vendors
Craft Booths
Public Service
Birds of Prey
Entertainment building with age appropriate
entertainment for students
Agriculture Tent with a cow to be milked and a
chicken laying eggs plus more
Arts and Crafts Tent for spinning, weaving, and
canning displays

You can pack a lunch - coolers are allowed! - or plan to eat from the vendors. We usually leave our coolers on our blankets and meet back for lunch around 12:30.

The Pumpkin Festival is at the Cabell County Fairgrounds/Pumpkin Park in Milton.
From I-64, take the Milton exit #28
Turn towards town (right if from Hgtn; left from Chrlstn)
Turn right onto Rt 60 at the 2nd light
Turn left onto Fairgrounds Rd at the next traffic light
Follow the road around the curve.
You’ll see the entrance to Pumpkin Park on your left
Follow the road around the fairgrounds and park in the back. Traffic is slow here and will add an additional 15-20 minutes to your trip. Plan accordingly.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Co-op Cancelled This Week

As most of you know from the millions of emails I've sent, River Cities Community Church will be hosting a funeral/dinner tomorrow and therefore will be unavailable for our classes. Rescheduling for a different day was unsuccessful so we will not meet for co-op classes this week. Our next regularly scheduled co-op is Tuesday, September 28th.

We will, however, meet for a playdate and flag football tomorrow, September 14th, in place of classes. We'll meet at Altizer Park at 11:00am. We'll move the flag football game there as well. You may want to pack a lunch, extra chairs, and wheeled toys such as scooters or skates.

From I-64, take the 29th St. exit and head towards Huntington
Turn right at the first light by Jolly Pirate Donuts, crossing the bridge into Altizer
Turn right at the second stop sign
Travel three blocks, follow the road as it curves onto 8th St. around the ball fields
The playground/picnic shelter/parking is on the left

Friday, September 10, 2010

Faculty Lounge

September's Faculty Lounge will be held at the home of Deide McComas in Ona. Please bring your favorite dish for a night of kid-free fun!

What: Faculty Lounge
When: Friday, September 17th, 6:30pm
Where: Deide McComas' house; rsvp for directions via email

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Flag Football

** please note the location/time change

All homeschoolers are welcome to play flag football at Altizer Park on Tuesday, September 14th, at 11:00am. Flags are provided so just bring a water bottle. This is a mostly big kid activity unless your little ones just love football and think they can keep up with the middle/high schoolers. There is a playground/picnic shelter nearby so you may want to pack a lunch and bring the little kids to play.

If we get a good turn-out, we can make this a monthly or bi-weekly activity.

Directions to Altizer Park (see map in post above):
From I-64, take the 29th St. exit and head towards Huntington
Turn right at the first light by Jolly Pirate Donuts, crossing the bridge into Altizer
Turn right at the second stop sign
Travel three blocks, follow the road as it curves onto 8th St. around the ball fields
The playground/picnic shelter/parking is on the left

Saturday, September 4, 2010

ACCHE Fantasy Football

September 7th will be draft night for our ACCHE Fantasy Football League. All middle/high schoolers are welcome to play. We'll meet at my (Mary's) house in Culloden at 6pm, Tuesday, September 7th. Bring $3 to cover the cost of pizza, chips, and drinks. Please rsvp to and I'll send directions

If you were an owner last year, you will be able to use your team info from last year, but will have to draft new players. The league has been renewed and you should have received an email invitation to renew your team. New players will have to set up their teams before the season starts. We'll go over instructions on how to do that during the draft.

For those of you unfamiliar with Fantasy Football:
copied, with some minor editing, from wikipedia
Fantasy Football is a fantasy sports game in which participants (called "owners") are arranged into a competitive league, earning “fantasy points” by using the statistics of real football players. The owners of each league draft real-life NFL football players, filling a roster containing the various offense or defensive positions on a team, such as Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker and Defense. Depending on how well the players on an Owner’s team do in a given week, the team earns Fantasy Points to compete against the other owners in the league. If a running back rushes for a touchdown, for instance, the running back earned a pre-determined amount of points for that running back’s owner. At the end of the season, win-loss records determine league rankings or qualifications into a playoff bracket. You will need to pick your starting line-up from among your drafted players prior to each week's game. Then, just sit back and watch the points rack up!