Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ACCHE Rules and Guidelines

Please arrive at 10:00am and plan to stay until 1:15 pm.

Please attend every co-op unless significant illness prevents you. This a cooperative, which means that we all come together to provide this experience for our children. Everyone is needed and your enrollment implies a commitment to co-op sessions. A parent of each child must help with the co-op and be on premises during co-op.

Announcements begin at 10:00. Please be on time or a few minutes early. Announcements concerning co-op classes, field trips, and other activities, as well as other topics that may be of interest to homeschoolers are sent out via email on the Monday before co-op. Please make certain you check your email Monday evening or Tuesday morning before co-op. We will limit our circle time announcements to only the most immediate and most pressing issues.

Classes will run from 10:15 until 12:40. Co-op participants are expected to attend all classes on the schedule for their ages. They can not pick certain classes to attend and sit out of others. Please help your children come prepared for classes. Double check to ensure that they have what they need and are taking home all their belongings, including home work and art work. Unfortunately, the church does not have storage for co-op, so items that are left at the church may be lost before our next meeting.

During co-op, children should not be taught or led to support any beliefs contrary to the ACCHE Statement of Belief, although presentation of educational information about other belief systems is permissible. Nothing that glorifies wickedness, magic, or sinful behavior is permissible and will be grounds for expulsion from the Co-op and all ACCHE activities. If you doubt the appropriateness of the material, it’s best to err on the side of caution and choose something else. Alternatively, you can check with co-op directors who will bring the questionable material to the guidance committee for approval.

Lunch time and free play will be from 12:40 until 1:15 in the gym. Please pack a lunch for you and your children and plan to stay for fellowship. This unstructured time gives the kids and parents time to chat, play, and build friendships.
Fees are charged to cover the cost of classroom materials, snacks, administration costs and other expenses as they may arise. Fees vary based on the costs of classes offered each semester. Current fees for preschool and school -aged children are $12 per child per semester. Fees should be paid no later than the 2nd co-op session. Cash is preferred. Checks will be accepted.

The church has been very generous in allowing us to use their building. We are the only outside group the church allows to use their facilities and they can disallow their permission at any time. We should always plan to leave the church looking better than we found it. All participants are expected to help clean up every time!!!

Make certain that your classroom is back to the original furniture arrangement; floors and tables are clean; and trash cans are empty. There is a cleaning cart in the gym designated for our use. It includes cleaning products, a sweeper, and new trash bags.
In addition to your classroom, please take the initiative to clean any messes you notice in the bathrooms, hallways, or gymnasium. Make certain your children are cleaning up their crumbs and wrappers from lunch and that they take home all their belongings, including art work.

Please instruct your children on the rules of the building that we are graciously being allowed to use:

  • No running except in the gym
  • Participants must stay out of the main part of the church building
  • Students may only be on the balcony while going to/from upstairs classes
  • Students should not loiter in bathrooms or the hall leading to the bathrooms
  • Students may not play on or behind the bleachers or racks of chairs/tables
  • The only exit door that should be used is the main gymnasium door (or else the alarm may sound)
  • Students should be kind and respectful to classmates and teachers
  • Students should be attentive to instruction and participate to the best of their abilities
  • Students should be respectful of the church and its property

Parents are expected to enforce these rules, whether it be your child or someone else’s child who needs correction. A gentle reminder is always appropriate.
Parents will be financially responsible for damage caused by their children.

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