Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ACCHE T-Shirts

If your kids are outgrowing the tshirts we made last year, we have a great opportunity to get some new shirts. can print t-shirts for only $5.95 each. There will be a picture and Bible verse (2Chronicles 7:14) on the front and our group name on the back.

We need to place the order by April 9th. Therefore, we will only be taking orders at the next co-op on March 31st! You'll need to have your order ready and money in hand on March 31st! You can write a check to me (Mary Black) and I'll place the order on-line. Please plan to add a few cents to each shirt you order in order to cover postage. Shipping cost will depend on the number of shirts ordered so I can't give you an exact amount now.

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