Friday, August 13, 2010

Join the Yahoo Group

In an effort to streamline communications about co-op and events, we are asking that everyone sign up for our yahoo group. The group makes it easier to maintain our mailing list, make announcements, communicate with one another about class needs and assignments, and to have online communications within the group. It is not difficult to sign up for the list. Lynda Vance has put together these easy step by step instructions. Lynda will also be available at our picnic on Tuesday with her laptop to walk you through the process if needed. 

How to sign up to receive e-mails from the ACCHE.  Yahoo! group

2.   Click on “Join this group.”
3.   If you do not have a Yahoo account, click on “sign up.”  (otherwise, skip to #8)
4.   Fill out & submit this form.  You never have to use this Yahoo address again, unless you want to go to the ACCHE  Yahoo group home page.  But you may want to write it down somewhere for that reason.
5.   Click “continue.”
6.   In the next page, under Yahoo! Profile, click on “new profile.” (I think that’s what it said.) beside your e-mail address.
7.   Click on “add an alias” to change the name that will appear on the e-mails you send to the group.  Change & save.  Click close.
8.   Choose the email address that you would like group messages sent to (the address you use most often).
9.   Choose Individual Email…..because you will need to know immediately about snow days, etc.
10.        Finish & click “join.”
11. On the next page…..uncheck the optional “install Yahoo! Toolbar.”
12.        Click “continue.”
13.        You are now set up to receive all the announcements, upcoming events, etc. from ACCHE.
Thank you.

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